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What can I do on Veracity?

Veracity helps you leverage your data. Analyze, control, and share it in a trusted network.

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Secure sharing of data

The key to unlocking the potential that industrial data holds is trust, and the ability to operate across silos. That is why secure sharing mechanisms are at the core of our network - to make it easy for you to manage access and control your own data sets. You can either perform your own analytics or invite others to perform analytics on your assured data. Security is of course carefully managed and the infrastructure is based on Microsoft Azure.

Creating value from data

Veracity will give you access to industrial applications and data analytics services that can help you make better use of your data to optimize your performance. Here you can combine your own data with other data sets available for purchase or subscription, to create new insights or solutions.

DNV and third-party providers will offer data quality management services upon request. These services will assist data managers in assessing, understanding and improving the quality of their data sets, and making them better suited for analytics.

Distribution of services

For service providers, Veracity offers a secure method of selling and distributing your digital services to your users without building your own infrastructure. On the Marketplace, you're able to fast track service delivery and offer an easy solution for your users to access your digital service. Read more about onboarding a digital service on Veracity.


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