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How do I remove myself from a service subscription?
How do I remove myself from a service subscription?

If you're not planning on using a service yourself, you can edit your access level from the “Users and permissions” section

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As the buyer of a service you will automatically have been assigned a subscription to it, assuming that you will also be a user of the service. If you are not planning to use the service yourself, but are buying on behalf of others, you can remove the subscription for your own user by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to “Users and permissions” from the top right corner under your user icon or by the manage user tile in My services.

  2. Clicking the Users tab to open the user overview.

  3. Click Edit access for the user you want to grant or remove access for.

  4. Select the appropriate access level for each service and click Update to save the changes. Usually, Subscribed and Not subscribed will be the only choices, but some services will also offer more detailed access levels, as shown below.

Note that you will still be able to manage access to the service for other users after you have removed your service subscription, as you will still be the owner and administrator of the company account.

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