How do I change a user's access level?

A user's access level can be changed from the “Users and permissions” section

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For any user associated to your company account, you can grant or revoke access to services.

To change a user's access levels, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to “Users and permissions” from the top menu, under your user icon or by the “Manage user tile” in My services.

  2. Clicking the Users tab to open the user overview.

  3. Click Edit access for the user you want to grant or remove access for.

  4. Select the appropriate access level for each service and click Update to save the changes. Usually, Subscribed and Not subscribed will be the only choices, but some services will also offer more detailed access levels, as shown below.

Licenses with limited number of seats

Multi-user licenses might have limitations on the number of users. You can grant access to the users you want but be aware that the service terms might dictate pricing based on the number of users or the subscription levels selected. If you go beyond or exceeded the number of users you have purchased for, the system won`t recognize this, so please double-check your contract and purchase details, if uncertain.

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