How do I upload data to Data Fabric?

You can use our web application, APIs, Azure Storage Explorer, AZCopy command-line tool and even our mobile app.

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There are several ways to upload data on Data Fabric. You can go into depth and learn more about

Upload using our web application:

You can easily access the Data Fabric web application on and in the header and footer on our website.

When inside, click the storage container where you want to upload your data. Click "Upload files" (1) or use the drag and drop function (2).

If you are uploading a large number of files, or very large files, you may monitor the progress through the message box in the lower right corner.

Upload using APIs:

To learn how to upload data using our APIs, go to the pages on Veracity for Developers.

Azure Data Explorer desktop application:

For very large uploads we recommend using Azure Data Explorer

AZCopy command-line tool:

Follow this link for full guidance.

Upload using Veracity Connected mobile application:

You may upload, download and manage your data on mobile using the Veracity Connected mobile app.

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