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My large upload on Data Fabric failed. What do I do?
My large upload on Data Fabric failed. What do I do?

We recommend that users who upload large volumes of data use Azure Storage Explorer.

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First, you will need to download Azure Storage Explorer.

To connect Azure Storage Explorer to your data storage you will need the SAS key for that storage.

Go to the relevant storage, click "Access" (1), the "My access" (2) and "View key" (3).

The keys provided by Veracity are known as Shared Access Signature Tokens or SAS. The token is generated uniquely for you and is used to monitor the access to each container respectively.

Copy the key for further use in Azure Storage Explorer.

The first time you open Azure Storage Explorer, you will see a window as shown below. Click “Connect to a new storage account”, and then the radio button labelled "Use a shared access signature (SAS) URI or connection string" (1) as shown below. Then click next (5).

The key that you copied is in the form of a SAS URI.

Select the radio button labelled "Use a SAS URI" (6) and paste the key into the field that is now available (7), you may now click next (8), and the Azure Storage Explorer will attempt to connect to the container.

You should now have access to the container that your key unlocks. You can find your container in the hierarchy by using the search feature, in the upper left corner of the application, as shown in the picture above.

For an exhaustive guide on how to work with Azure Storage Explorer, please follow this link to Veracity Developer pages.

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