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How do I share access to a data storage (container)?
How do I share access to a data storage (container)?

The sharing functionality allows you to share access, given that you have "Data Manager" or "Data Steward" access.

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Select the storage container you wish to share (1) and click the sharing button (2). You can multiselect containers to quickly share multiple containers.

Once you have selected the storages you wish to share, first verify that you are sharing the right storages (1). Then enter the email address to the person(s) you wish to share with. If you assign the person "Data Steward" role (3) they will be able to share the data storage onwards on behalf of you. If they are not "Data Steward" they will not be able to share it with others.

If you don't tick the box "Set key as recurring" (4), the access will expire at the end of the duration period (5). If you tick the recurring option, then the person has permanent access until you revoke it.

You set the access level (6) to define whether the person should be able to read only, have write access etc.

Before you click "Share" you can enter a comment and set the IP range (7) for increased security. If you don't set the IP range then the data container can be accessed from any IP address.

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