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How do I manage notifications?
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Click on notification settings to manage what you want to receive by email.

Per today solution, you can only manage which notifications you receive by email.
You cannot manage the notifications you get online in the notification overview.

Click on notification settings link at the top of the page to manage, stop or change frequency of the email notifications.

You can also access the notifications settings page by clicking on your initials in the top right corner of the Veracity menu and selecting the ‘Settings’ option.

In the notification settings page, you can activate/deactivate email notifications per sender. This is doable by clicking on the radio buttons (in the example Veracity notifications are enabled, and DNV GL rules and standard are disabled). You can also decide frequencies of the notification email you receive in the drop-down menus (immediate or a daily/weekly summary).

The email notifications for Veracity System Service and Veracity Data Fabric are enabled by default whenever creating new user accounts.

If you are a company administrator, please keep the Veracity System Service notifications enabled, and below keep the Veracity General Information and Veracity System notifications set to ‘Send Immediately.’

This will ensure you will get an email every time you get a company affiliation request from colleagues that need to access a service or a data set.

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