I am a company administrator, and missed out notifications from colleagues that need access to a digital service
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Enable email notification from Veracity System Service in notification settings.

Access to a service (or a standard document) is given both by managing service access in the "Users and Permission" section (read more - link to article Managing users and access) and by accepting company affiliations as a notification.

To receive notification on company affiliation, you must keep Veracity System Service notifications always enabled, and you should keep Veracity General Information and Veracity System notifications set to ‘Send Immediately’. This will ensure that you receive notifications to approve company affiliation requests in real time. Company affiliation is the process of accepting the user inside your company and it allows users to get access to a service or a data set (eg. Standard document) you have bought.

If you need any additional information in regard to notifications, please reach out to [email protected].

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