Problem: I am unable to save data from Excel to csv format using the correct date format

Cause: The reason why the date format is saved incorrectly is possibly because the csv file has been opened in Excel to check that the data is correct. Excel then changes the date format automatically to one which is not supported, once the file is closed.

Solution: In order to rectify this issue, please follow the steps below:

1. Select the column containing dates

2. Right click on the mouse and the chose ‘Format Cells’

3. Select the Date

4. Choose the correct Type from the list:

5. You must then save the Excel file as a CSV formatted file i.e. choose File -> Save As -> CSV (MS-DOS)(*.csv)

6. You must not re-open the csv file in Excel to check whether you have entered in the correct date format, as this will likely change the date format which is not supported.

a. If you do intend on checking the content of the file, then Open the csv file in a text editor to check the file e.g. Notepad

Please note: This process works using the version of Excel at DNV, however, if this does not work for your version you will need to talk to your IT personnel who understands your systems.

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