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Is my subscription automatically renewed?
Is my subscription automatically renewed?
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After you have bought a subscription on Veracity marketplace, in the form of a service or a product that you are paying for a recurring period (e.g. monthly or yearly), you will automatically be charged for the new period (Renewal process).

To have an overview of the recurring subscriptions you have subscribed to, click on your initials on the top right part of the Veracity homepage, and go into the section “Subscriptions and payments”.

By clicking on “My subscriptions” and selecting “See details” of a subscription you will then access a more detailed view of your contract.

On the left, you will see one or more rows corresponding to different modules or extensions inside your subscription, and on the right, you will see details of the next payment, payment period the payment refers to, and payment method (card or invoice).

If you are not the admin (contact person of the contract, or person that bought the subscription) you might not see any subscriptions. Contact us at [email protected] if you believe you should see a subscription that is not there, and we will help you.

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