How to add a user to Data Workbench

You can invite individuals by using their email addresses within the workspace tab.

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Inviting new members

If you want a team member or anyone you work with to have access to your all the datasets in your workspace, this can be done from the workspace page. To add a user, navigate to the workspace page. Look for the option labeled "Invite Members" in the right corner and click on it.

This will open a dialog box where you can add new users. Enter the email address of the user. If they are not already a user on Veracity, you also send an invite to register to the platform. Multiple email addresses can be added to the same invite if you need to invite more than one user.

After sending the invitation, you have the option to assign roles to the invited users. Roles determine the level of access and permissions each user will have within the



A reader on Data Workbench has restricted access and permissions, primarily for viewing and consuming data within the workspace. They can access information but cannot make any changes, edits, or additions. This role is purely observational, without any administrative or editing privileges.


An Admin on the Data Workbench has the highest level of access and control, managing all aspects of the workspace. They can modify user permissions, edit data, configure settings, add or remove users, assign roles, and create or delete content based on organizational needs.

You can either assign roles immediately during the invitation process or do it later using the dropdown menu located on the right side of the user's name.

Changing the role of users who has been invited

To manage the users in your workspace, you can refer to the list that displays all the members with access to the resources. In this list, you'll find the names of the users along with their assigned roles. The roles can be changed from the drop-down menu to the right of the name. A user can be removed by clicking the menu icon, and then clicking delete.

Great! You have successfully learned how to add, assign roles, and manage users within a workspace. Remember to handle user access and permissions with care to ensure the security and proper functioning of your workspace.

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