How to share your data set

Click the share icon on the right and enter the recipient's email address

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Sharing is a great way for you to help bring insight to your stakeholders and remove data silos. Sharing provides your stakeholders with access to your data and enables collaboration. There are multiple ways to share datasets, including from the home page, the data catalog page, and the dataset details page. Let's get started:

In the dataset section on the home page of Data Workbench, locate the dataset you want to share.

Hover over the dataset, and a share icon will appear. To proceed, click the share icon.

If you prefer to view the details of the dataset first, navigate to the dataset details page.

On this page, you will find the share button on the top right.

Once you have clicked the share button, a sharing dialogue box will appear.

Enter the email address of the user you want to share the dataset with.

If they are not already registered with Veracity, invite and grant access by clicking the "Invite" button within the sharing dialogue box. You also have the choice whether the recipient should be able to reshare this

Great! You have successfully shared a dataset on Data Workbench. Remember to manage and revoke access as necessary to maintain data security and collaboration control.

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