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How do I change my email address?
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To change your email address, you will first need to be logged in and then follow the steps here.

  1. Go to your profile settings:

  2. Click on “User profile”:

  3. Then under the "E-mail address" section, type in the new email address in the "New e-mail address" field and press "Change":

  4. This will generate an email to the new email address with the subject “Verify new email address”. The email has a link that must be clicked on to activate the new email address.

    Please note that if you are asked to log in when you click the link, log in with your OLD email address.

  5. You should get a notification that the change was successful.

    The new email address will only be activated after you see this message:

  6. When this is done, the browser can be re-started and you should be able to log in with the new email address.

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