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What are predefined, created and shared datasets?
What are predefined, created and shared datasets?

Predefined datasets follow specific rules while created dataset are your custom built.

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On the Data Catalogue page, you filter the data based on ‘predefined data sets’, ‘created data sets’ and ‘shared with me’. In this guide, we will walk you through the definitions of each, and help you understand how to use them in your work.

Predefined data set

Predefined Data Sets in the Data Workbench refer to standardized, regularly updated templates that provide dynamic data for analysis. These serve as initial reference points, offering a foundation for users to explore and derive insights.

They are immutable, and assured by DNV to follow specific guidelines, such as the Sea Cargo Charter (SCC) voyage summary. This means that the columns and rows are in compliance with how the signatories of the SCC want you to report your GHG emissions. From this, you may filter it down to one vessel, and create a custom dataset to share with a relevant stakeholder. To learn how to do this, read this article.

Created data set

On the other hand, Created Data Sets are customized versions derived from the Predefined Data Sets. Users can apply specific filters and sorting options to tailor the data to their unique analytical requirements. These Created Data Sets essentially represent personalized snapshots of the original Predefined Data Sets, catering to users' specific needs and preferences.

Consider this as a custom report that's easily viewable, downloadable, and shareable. You can curate specific datasets, such as the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) voyage leg summary for a particular vessel, limited to the year 2023. This created data set can be shared with others, ensuring controlled access to only some of your data, based on your preferences.

Mind that any data within a created dataset is dynamic. This means that if data is updated in the predefined data set, the changes apply throughout all created data sets you have saved based on it. This means you do not have to create a new version of a data set in case some data is updated.

Shared with me

Under shared with me you will find datasets that you have access to but have not created. In other words, datasets that others have shared with you by inviting you through your email address. When previewing the 'shared' with me datasets you can see who has shared it with you on the right side.

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