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What do I do when I get a 2FA Selection prompt?
What do I do when I get a 2FA Selection prompt?
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If you are going to use a service that requires two-factor authentication (2FA), and you have not enabled 2FA in your user profile before, you will be prompted to set it up at login as shown below.

We strongly recommend TOTP as it is more secure. Please follow the below instructions to enable it.

  1. Specify your country and phone number and click on “Send code” or “Call me”:

  2. If you clicked on the “Call me” option, you will receive a call from Microsoft and you need to approve it by pressing the # key. If you selected “Send code”, input the code sent to you by SMS and click on “Verify code”.

  3. You will see the following prompt to first install the Authenticator app on your phone (1), then add the account by scanning the QR code (2), and finally click the "Continue" button.

  4. Input the code you see in your authenticator app and click on “Verify”.

    Now you are able to access to the service, which you attempted.

Please NOTE that the above steps will just register 2FA on the service which prompt 2FA selection, but it will not be enabled on the user account level.

If you want 2FA to be enabled for all services on Veracity, go to Profile > User settings > Security, select the toggle so that it becomes blue and says 'On'.

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